• Accounting
    Flexible system of accounting services
    that best suits the requirements
    and specifics of your business.
  • Tax
    Plan and optimize your taxes in compliance
    with all applicable tax laws. Feel confident
    with our professional tax experts.
  • Audit
    Qualified financial and tax audit services at the highest
    professional level, in full compliancewith the requirements
    of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
    and local legislation.
  • Consulting
    Getting professional and most effective
    solutions for your business needs.
  • Legal
    Protecting your interests at every stage of a
    dispute, from negotiation and mediation
    to arbitration and litigation.

Our Advantages

Experienced and Qualified Team

Our employees have a higher economic and legal education, followed by extensive experience in: tax, financial, IFRS and legal fields. We keep high quality standards with regular training and professional development of our employees. We are constantly following the changes in legislation to carry out up-to-date accounting and legal support.

1 Contract -5 professional

By being our partner a whole staff of professionals will work for you, each of whom knows their site of work "perfectly" : 1) Chief Accountant 2) Financial Manager 3) Auditor 4) Tax Expert 5) Lawyer. It is no hard for us to find a way to communicate with any partners.


We know value of time and are always ready to answer any questions you may have by personal meeting, phone, email, Skype, and Viber. Our staff is able to conduct a quick analysis and make an operative decisions.

Business Process Involvement

Our service does not mean only to receive and record accounting information remotely. We actively monitor your business's performance, analyze strengths and weaknesses of the company and develop a proper accounting policy in order to ensure maximum efficiency and success of your business.

Latest Accounting System

Accounting operations are processed through the latest accounting computer software, which means providing necessary information and variety of reports to analyze your business's performance and make timely and correct decisions. You will not be charged any software installation and development fees.

Fair and Affordable Prices

We believe in providing outstanding customer services at a straight-forward, fair and honest price. We have fair and affordable prices which is determined by the type and size of company’s business activities. Plus, our advice is always free.

We believe that selecting the right financial services is paramount to the success of any business.

Our Mission is to provide top-grade financial and legal services, ensuring customers maximum efficiency, сonvenience and safety. We are constantly working to expand the range of clients and establish trustful partnerships with them, allowing each client to recommend the company's services to their friends, relatives and colleagues. Also, we strive to accumulate professionalism and capacity of the team to meet the expectations of the сlient. It is important to see in all not just another client, but individuality with unique desires.

We provide our clients with an individual approach based on professionalism and loyalty policy, which undoubtedly makes working with us comfortable and profitable. For us it is important and valuable that our relations are built on the principles of trust and mutual understanding. We provide a high level of service for any category of customers, and therefore, basically, we work on the recommendations of satisfied customers.


Audit & Assurance

We provide qualified financial and tax audit services at the highest professional level, in full compliance with the requirements of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and local legislation, detecting risky Operations, tax Optimization and professional decisions on problematic tax issues.

Tax & Accounting

We offer a flexible system of accounting services that best suits the requirements and specifics of your business. Save your time, financial and human resources and perform accounting operations thanks to a reliable partner.


Our specialist team with extensive experience will help you to get practical advice and recommendations that will ensure the effectiveness of your business activities in accordance with legislative norms. We are ready to provide qualified financial, tax and legal advice remotely and / or on a personal meeting.


We provide the protection and representation of your interests to Government and other regulatory authorities, environmental affairs, associations, industry committees and courts of all instances. We will do our best to achieve your success.

We Save Your Time and Money.









Our Clients